Hibah Bersaing Research Progress Report 1

Administration and Contract Matter 

The reseach project was signed on the end of March 2007 , between our Head of Research Board of UMY (LP3), Drs.Said Tuhuleley with the Directore of Research and Cummunity Services, Ministry of National Education Indonesia.  The research proposal was approved for the first year from two years of proposed research duration. After completing the first year research, the team must present the result of first year and the selected reviewer from Ministry of National Education will assess the possibility for giving approval the continuous grant of research.  The team must write all research activities in the log book for monitoring the progress, difficulties and problems (if any) and some alternative solutions that be used for consolidating the problems.

Model Development

In the research plan, the team must develop the 2-D and 3-D dynamic stiffness matrix model to be implemented for calculating the wave propagation simulation in the pavement. The inversion process used in this analytical stage for seismic data of SASW test on the pavement has chosen using the dynamic stiffness matrix and the optimization process using the maximum likelihood method (Joh 1996; Rosyidi 2004).  The team has already simulated the algorithm and some results showed the stiffness matrix model can be used in the analysis.  Currently, a member of the team, Dr.Handayani, is trying for simulating the fundamental model of wave propagations. While, Sri Atmaja P. Rosyidi is developing the integrated SASW system for pavement investigation together with its algorithm of wavelets, signals processing and application of inversion stages. Prof.Raihan is now, writing the analysis of wave in the pavement using FEM.