News from ITP 2007 in Taipei

ITP07-all partisipan

One of LATEI’s staff, Sri Atmaja, just came back from International Training Program of Seismic Design for Structures (ITP 2007) that was held on 22 – 26 October 2007 in Taipei. National Center on Research of Earthquake Engineering (NCREE) was as a organiser of training while the National Science Council of Taiwan supported the ITP 2007 in financial and sponsor. He got much experiences from the training. He and other Indonesian participants presented the brief explanation of lessons learned from earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia. The presentation consisted of some experiences from Indonesia earthquakes and tsunami, seismology in Indonesia, hazards mitigation strategies, etc. The edited file of presentation will be attached in this blog as soon as possible. Some research plans were already discussed between LATEI’s staff, other Indonesian participants and NCREE for developing the Earthquake Disaster Management and Loss Estimation System in Indonesia. And also, some researches in earthquake resistance structures and geotechnical engineering were also discussed as well. Some notes from ITP 2007 will be posting in this blog later on.