Master in Geospatial Technologies (grants fornon-European)

Dear GSDI contacts:

We ask that you please publicize the availability of full grants including travel and housing (ERASMUS MUNDUS program) for students outside Europe wishing to attend the 18-month international


Universities of Münster (Germany), Jaume I (Spain), Nova de Lisboa (Portugal)


Fundamental Requisites: Bachelor Degree equivalent in fields related to earth science, environmental studies, land management, etc. (Master is not aimed at techies, but rather to provide technical skills to other professionals. ) Also: proven HIGH level of English language ability (student must be able to work in English, not only read English).

Deadline for student applications: 15 JANUARY 2008. (Please read carefully the application details: original copies of key documents requested.)



Michael Gould

Centro de Visualización Interactiva www.cevi.uji. es
Dept. Information Systems (LSI), Universitat Jaume I, 12071 Castellón, Spain
email: gould (at) // email2: mgould (at) opengeospatial. org
research group www.geoinfo. // personal
AGILE www.agile-online. org
Vespucci Summer Institute www.vespucci. org
Erasmus Mundus: Master in Geospatial Technologies www.mastergeotech. info