Mohon untuk tidak mengupload file materi perkuliahan yang berbentuk pdf, ppt, doc, xls ke Blog Staff UMY -- Silahkan upload file-file tersebut ke E-Learning [BOOK]: Metode Analisis Gelombang Permukaan untuk Penyelidikan Sub-Permukaan – Sri Atmaja P. Rosyidi

[BOOK]: Metode Analisis Gelombang Permukaan untuk Penyelidikan Sub-Permukaan

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 “Metode Analisis Gelombang Permukaan untuk Penyelidikan Sub-Permukaan”

How to order it ? Please contact: Ms. Izah Azizah

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Sri Atmaja Putra Rosyidi’s Summary 1. Professional engineer; consulting works (2000 - present): design. evaluation and supervision of highway and road pavement. I have involved in more than 10 highway-projects of design and evaluation. 2. NDT testing engineer for soil structures and pavement; expert (2004 - present). Some projects have been evaluated for infrastructure health monitoring and structural assessment. 3. Board; operational manager (2006 - 2012): CASINDO and CAREPI project, Netherlands-Indonesia Energy Working Group. Specialization: Energy Infrastructure Design and Management. 4. Geology, geophysics and geo-hazards expert (2006 - present); specialization: soil dynamic, earth sciences and geotech.earthquake engineering. Some research project have been done. More than 20 international journal and conference papers have been published.