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LATEI’s worksLATEI’s worksLATEI’s worksLATEI’s works

Our laboratory namely, Laboratory of Transportation Engineering and Infrastructures (LATEI) (  has been developed in Universitas MuhammadiyahYogyakarta (UMY) by Transportation System and Infrastructure Engineering Research Group which is a part of Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering. This laboratory was established on 1982 when the Department of Civil Engineering of UMY was starting to receive the undergraduate-student.

LATEI has reputation through the nationwide for its contribution to the research of transportation engineering and the advanced technology. Our staff are improving the knowledge and understanding of people in road system and management, consulting traffic management and surveys, advising the safer road, designing network and infrastructures and proposing the advanced technology for Indonesian implementation.

Our researches aid the Indonesian policy development to reduce all type of causalities in roads, implement the advanced road technologies, conducting the pavement materials design, optimize the public vehicle and traffic management and design the appropriate infrastructures particularly in housings, city plans, roads, airports and railways.

Our laboratory has national and international cooperation with reputable institutions such as Pusat Penelitian dan Pengembangan Jalan dan Jembatan Kementerian Pekerjaan Umum (Ministry of Public Work) and Department of Civil and Structural Engineering Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

Currently, our laboratory has some research grants from Kementerian Pendidikan Nasional (Ministry of National Education) through Hibah Bersaing, Dosen Muda and University Research Grants of UKM and UMY for developing the advanced technology of seismic method in quality assessment of pavement structure. Those researches are international collaboration of our laboratory with Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Centre for Research and Development of Road and Bridge (Puslitbang Jalan dan Jembatan) and Institute of Technology, Bandung.

In our university, LATEI (cooperate with PUSPER, centre for regional energy management) has started to design the research on transport energy. This issue is very important in Indonesia and worldwide. The LATEI has developed the transport system that can reduce the use of fossil fuel in system through the optimization of public transport and traffic system.

LATEI is divided into three divisions: Division of Pavement Materials, Division of Traffic Management and Transport Studio and Division of Infrastructure and Engineering Technology.

Division of Pavement Materials

Division Coordinator:  Sri Atmaja P. Rosyidi, Ph.D., PE & Ir. Sentot Hardwiyono, MSc (PhD candidate at UKM)

The Division of Pavement Materials (DPM) provides a mechanism for the University of Muhammadiyah, the regional transportation board and office, and the pavement construction industries to become a collective resource for future research and testings on pavement materials and covering not only state and local needs, but also regional and national needs.  The DPM will work with many universities and transport research boards in local and overseas, Department of Public Work of Indonesia including Bina Marga, and the regional dan national transportation board and office to develop, promote, and conduct pavement research plus conduct outreach activities related to pavement research. The division will also work with other agencies, associations, companies, or individuals that have a common interest in pavement research and technical consulting.

LATEI was developed from this division and then it enlarges and addes with two of other divisions.  Beside research activities, this division has responsibility for conducting the learning laboratory for undergraduate and graduate students in civil engineering for exploring their capability in pavement materials and testings.  This division also promotes the value of pavement research and education; and strengthens the regional and national role of the pavement research facility. This division also has goals to attend national meetings on materials and pavement-related topics, provide leadership and participation in meetings with funding organizations, industry, and professional organizations and associations, make presentations to elected officials and media representatives, and participate in efforts to educate the public and students at all levels.

The DPM also pursues funding for pavement research from central government, national agencies (for example, Ministry of Research and Technology, Department of Public Works, Department of National Education), state agencies, and private industry, with focus on regional and national research that utilizes and supports operation of the road-pavement facility. The DPM also leads and assists faculty in the development of research proposals and work with LKPT and Civil Engineering Department of UMY to develop training and outreach opportunities.

Division of Traffic Management and Transport Studio

Division Coordinator: Ir. Wahyu Widodo, MEng. (

The Division of Traffic Management and Transport Studio (TMTS) is a developed traffic and transportation laboratory focusing on design of developed and new road network; and evaluation of transportation management and operational strategies (traffic policy) and traveler information technologies. The TMTS also supports the Civil Engineering Department of UMY for conducting the research, education and outreach efforts, providing laboratory facilities for graduate and undergraduate students as well as educational resources for course instructors and transportation professionals.

The primary work of the TMTS is to support research and study in designing, monitoring, management, and simulation of transport and traffic systems. The division has in works-partnership with other universities, local research boards and centers, regional transportation offices, industries, professional organizations and national agencies to enable a full spectrum and activities of transportation research.

The TMTS together with LKPT hosts training events for traffic studies and simulation, transportation professionals, traffic simulation, highway design, covering topics such as the effective use of traffic capacity for analysis and planning.  The TMTS is also fully dedicated to supporting transportation education for national-wide. Members of the TMTS staff work with other faculty members to develop interactive laboratory modules that help students understand advanced topics in traffic management and transportation studies.

Division of Infrastructures and Engineering Technology

Division Coordinator: Sri Atmaja P. Rosyidi, Ph.D., PE (

The Division of Infrastructure and Engineering Technology (IET) is a new division in LATEI.  The division will accomplish the mission primarily by conducting research on projects of regional and national significance in the areas of  transportation infrastructure and important issues on development of pavement and transportation technology.  The IET has developed and implemented the advanced technology for pavement and soil investigation such as Stationary Source-Seismic Surface Waves, SASW (collaboration with Unievrsiti Kebangsaan Malaysia) and Deflection Method for Pavement Residual Time Estimation from FWD (collaboration with Puslitbang Bandung).  The IET has also conducted assessment on concrete structures of beam and column of building using seismic analysis.  The IET will develop the visual and computer simulations for visual observation of pavement surface condition and a software for analysing the data to the technical result that has valuable-information for public works agencies in order to plan the rehabilition project on pavement infrastrutures.  Currently, the IET division is developing the software of wavelets analysis for soil structures and will explore to assess the pavement and concrete as well.  The IET will conduct research to find reliable and cost-effective solutions to the infrastructures development particularly related to transportation facilities in which has national importance.   The division continuously pursues the research fund, joint program in research project and studies with regional transportation office and boards, other universities (local and oversea), national agencies and central government.

Laboratory Facilities

Currently, LATEI has a lot of standard instruments and tools for conducting traffic surveys, roads design, pavement material tests such as basic properties, mechanical and seismic test, and infrastructures tests such as hammer test, NDT tests and the others.


LATEI is also carrying out the engineering consulting together with Lembaga Konsultasi dan Pelayanan Teknik (LKPT).  LATEI, in conducting the work in some instruments, can perform and follow the international standards such as ASTM, AASHTO, ACI, BS, Road Note, NAASRA, etc. and the national regulation such as MKJI, Bina Marga, SNI, etc.

LATEI, in the laboratory division of traffic management and transportation studio, can carry out some activties of traffic and road surveys and studies, such as:

  1. Volume, speed and density of traffic parameters
  2. Origin-destination surveys
  3. Public transport surveys: stated preference method
  4. Visual assessment and surveys for roads
  5. Transport modeling (trip generation, distribution, modal split and trip assignment)
  6. Advanced statistical estimation, forecast, time series analysis and real condition for transport and traffic analysis
  7. Surveying, mapping and topography for road design
  8. Roads and highways geometric designs
  9. Public surveys for transportation: pedestrian, accidents, WTP, ATP etc.

In Division of Pavement Materials, some material testings of pavement structures can be carried out, as follows:

  1. Basic properties of asphalts, such as penetration, softening point, flash point, viscosity for cool mix asphalt, density of asphalt, thick film test, ductility, etc.
  2. Basic properties of aggregate, such as shape of aggregate, soundness, asphlatic percentage in aggregate, density of aggregate, density on saturated surface dry condition, material distributions, etc.
  3. Mechanical properties of pavement materials such as LA abrasion for aggregate, Marshall test, impact value for aggregate, laboratory CBR, density, volume weight, etc.

Together with Laboratory of Soil Mechanics, pavement materials section contribute some soil material testings related to pavement structures as follows:

  1. Basic properties of soil , such as Atternberg limits, compaction, moisture content, permeability, soil classification, etc.
  2. Mechanical properties, such as shear strength of soil for road embankment, unconfined axial stress, triaxial testing for soils, etc.
  3. Site investigation such as Ducth Penetration Test (Sounder), hand-bore, field density measurement, field CBR, volume weight, etc.

Infrastructures and Engineering Technology Division provide some testings such as Seismic Investigations for Soil Profilling and Pavement Characterization (collaboration with UGM and UKM), Advanced Infrastructural Testings (Hammer testing, Benkelman Beam, Impact Echo, etc.), Material Testings (cooperating with Laboratory of Concrete Technology) and Non Destructive Testings on Soil and Pavement  (joint works with Puslitbang Jalan dan Jembatan, Bandung).


If any required information, please contact us:

Sri Atmaja P. Rosyidi, PhD. (Academic Staff), email:

Sumadi (Administration Staff/Laboran)

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