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Student Presentation 2005/2006

The class of presentation was conducted on 7th week of lecture (3rd December 2005). Students had to arrange a group for 4-5 students in each.  Each group selected one of interested topics in transportation problems as a case observed in Yogyakarta city. Group activities were started with group discussion, observation, data collecting, resume of short paper reporting and finally, each group presented their findings in front of class.   The presentation files of student project can be downloaded in the following links:

  1. Group 1-Aris et al.
  2. Group 2-RIFKY et al.
  3. Group 3-Fitri et al.
  4. Group 4-Cahyo et al._file1; Group 4-Cahyo et al._file2
  5. Group 5-Guntur et al.
  6. Group 6-Arief et al.
  7. Group 7-Diany et al.
  8. Group 8-Indra et al.
  9. Group 9-M.Yuda et al.
  10. Group 10-Sigit et al.
  11. Group 11-Iding et al.
  12. Group 12-Rian et al.
  13. Group 13-Budhi et al.
  14. Group 14-Noor et al.
  15. Group 15-Tri et al.
  16. Group 16-Juandra et al.
  17. Group 17-Tri W et al.
  18. Group 18-Hanif et al.
  19. Group 19-Eka et al.
  20. Group 20-Ananto et al.
  21. Group 21-Lutfi et al.

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